We have a winner! 

Matt Boyd of Rosedale, Indiana, formerly of Marshall, Illinois, is the winner of the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350!  We are all so excited that he won!  Matt was a hometown boy that spent every day of his summers, during his youth, at the Marshall Community Pool, along with his 4 siblings.  He’s always loved the place and has so many fond memories of the pool.


"I can't even begin to explain how excited I am! My siblings and I went swimming at the old Marshall Pool every day growing up! I used to do newspaper routes, mow yards and lots of other jobs just to buy a season pass. Relatives would also help me and my siblings get season passes. It was hard for our mother Cheryl Eitel Boyd to afford to give 5 of us enough money for snacks and pop at the pool and to play video games (am I refreshing old memories for anyone?) But I think Mom was just glad to have 5-6 hours a day to herself! I'll be stopping by to see my new Mustang at Dorsett's this afternoon (Saturday, June, 3rd). I'm cooking steaks with my brother Michael at the VFW this evening! Thanks again! I'm shaking with excitement!"

thank you, everyone, for purchasing tickets

This truly was an international raffle.  We had purchasers from all corners of the U.S. - from the western state of Washington,  the most northern state of Alaska, the southern state of Florida, and the eastern state of Connecticut.  AND we even had tickets purchased from Holland.  For this, the Marshall Community Pool Committee thanks everyone from the bottom of their hearts!!!

The committee must thank Gerald Forsythe for donating the car.  Without him, none of this would have happened.  Throughout the years, he has remembered where he came from and has supported his hometown for numerous projects.  Because of his generosity, our new pool will become a reality.  We can never thank him enough!

We would also like to thank Brian Dorsett and John Heshion and the Dorsett Ford dealership.  This business has been invaluable when it came to selling tickets and displaying the mustang.  Debbie Gosnell sold so many tickets for us in the office.  The dealership even had a salesman, Jay Anderson, sell tickets on his days off!!
So, thank you everyone at Dorsett Ford.  By the way, their hosting skills for the drawing were awesome, too.  John thought of everything to make the morning go very smoothly!  To make sure the drawing was completely honest and objective, Father Koomsman of St. Mary’s Catholic Church did the actual drawing of the ticket, the names were confirmed by former Mayor Sanders and then onto current Mayor Trefz and announced by Mr. Jim Ryan, an active member of the community of Marshall.  Thank you, gentlemen, for your help.

Finally, the committee would like to thank these businesses and individuals that sold tickets:

Marshall Mutual Insurance Co.- this business sold an incredible amount of tickets!
First Bank & Trust, Tangles Hair Salon, Kirchner Building Center, Quality Lime Co., Marshall City Hall, Harper Sales

Martinsville - First Bank & Trust

Casey - The Pharmacy Shoppe, Whittling Whimsy, and Back on the Rack

Paris - Frances & Associates and First Bank & Trust

Terre Haute - Dorsett car dealerships and Pacesetter Sports

Jim Knowles & Co. and Dean’s Party Mania donated use of the rotating ticket drums. Many individuals that took it upon themselves to sell tickets. One final mention - Sports Car Club of America really got the word out and helped sell many tickets.

Marshall is very fortunate to have JD Spangler and Joey O’Rourke of WMMC radio to promote the car giveaway over the airwaves, Gary Strohm of the Marshall Advocate and  also the Terre Haute Tribune Star help spread the printed words of our fundraiser, and the local TV stations WTWO and WTHI have been huge promoters, too.  So thank you to our media.

As we continue forward on our project, Former Mayor Camie Sanders is still one of our biggest advocates and our new Mayor Johnny Bill Trefz has followed suit and has been nothing but encouraging and supportive.  

Thank you to all! And now onto our next fundraising project! Stay tuned!