Our History

In 1955, the Marshall Lions Club began planning a project that would benefit thousands and thousands of people over a span of 60 years. Several forward thinking members began designing a 3,000 square foot pool, complete with a high dive, low dive, a two foot high ledge along the shallow end, a bathhouse, basket room, and a sunning patio. An architect was hired, a plan was formed and the members were set to begin a monumental project. 

Every member contributed to the project by volunteering his particular set of skills. Welding, concrete finishing, plumbing, painting, carpentry, electrical, and landscaping were all integral pieces to building this pool.

Funds were raised by hosting community chicken dinners. The local grocery store, Red & White, provided the chickens, while the Lions Club members cooked and sold each dinner individually on the east side of the square. According to a longtime member of the Lions Club, 400-500 dinners were sold at every chicken dinner night. Hundreds of lemonade shake ups were sold every year at the county fair for 35 cents each. And finally, ladies of the service sorority would host coffee dates in their homes and each invited guest would give 50 cents for a cup of coffee and pledge to host a coffee party in their home and invite guests to continue the coffee project. 

The entire community came together in support of this new community swimming pool. There was a buzz of excitement in the air that was shared by the town of Marshall. Here we are 60 years later, children still learn to swim at the pool, teenagers are hired as first time employees and learn responsibility as lifeguards and swim instructors, parents can go to work confidently, knowing their children are safe and playing outdoors, and the elderly can strengthen their muscles and loosen their joints in a clean, convenient, low-cost location.

After 60 years of constant summertime use, the pool is tired. It has passed its expiration date. Regulations and requirements have changed greatly since it was built - the community is in need of a new pool.

Let’s bring the buzz of excitement back into the community and join together to show support and raise funds for a brand new pool. Let’s give our children, grandchildren, and future generations the same opportunity we had. The value of a swimming pool in a community is immeasurable. This service that the city provides the citizens is one of our most important pieces of history in making Marshall unique. Let’s make it part of our future!