WE reached our goal & construction has started!

With your help, the Marshall Community Pool Committee and Mr. Gerald Forsythe have raised $1,000,000. But we’re not done, yet. The Marshall Community Pool Committee will be presenting their promised $1,000,000 to the City of Marshall. It is a monumental moment for this small committee of seven to present the city this check. With this money, the city can provide big fun to the swimmers- we have sponsors for the climbing wall, the diving board, the giant 20’ slide, and the toddler lion slide. We also have sponsors for safety items such as the five lifeguard chairs, the ADA lift chair, and the ADA bathhouse fixtures.


We still need to raise more funds!

One may be wondering... after a million dollars, what else is needed? Well, it costs a tremendous amount to build a municipal pool. There are so many hidden expenses but the next round of donations will be dedicated to requirements for our safety and longevity of the pool, so in the long run, they are a good thing. This leads us back to the question of...

What else is needed?

We are now taking sponsorship or general donations for patio chairs- solid composite, fade resistant chairs and table sets; portable shade structures, outdoor security lockers for the swimmers to securely store their personal items; concession items such as a refrigerator, microwave, cheese dispenser, etc. We also need a new PA and security system. In addition to the above items, the swim team needs our help. Marshall has a long and successful history of having an outstanding swim team. We need new starting blocks and lane lines.

What's next?

Join Us On March 2, 2018 at 2:30 CST for our Groundbreaking Ceremony!

The ceremony will take place at 502 N. 2nd Street at the site of the old pool. Demolition of the old pool has already begun. The city has started removing the rubber lining, that was installed many years ago to extend the life of the concrete pool, the diving board, ladders, life guard chairs, and anything else they can safely remove.
Another crew is leveling the bathhouse, baby pool, and pump house. This is a historical and exciting time in Marshall. As much as we are excited, there is a bit of sadness as so many of us fondly remember so many magical summer days spent at the old Marshall pool. We will be adding pictures and a timeline soon. Visit us often to see our progress!


More Construction photos